Main airport works

The main airport works construction is the principal package of works required to design, develop and deliver Western Sydney Airport.

This is expected to be offered as a single package of works to the market, most likely through an open two-stage procurement process, comprising an Expression of Interest (EOI) stage and then a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to companies shortlisted from the EOI process.

The contract is expected to be awarded in 2019 with work commencing soon after.

At a minimum, the main airport works for the Stage 1 development will include:

  • earthworks to move and redistribute 22 million cubic metres of soil on the Badgerys Creek site;
  • a 3.7-kilometre runway, aprons, taxiways and other appropriate aviation facilities;
  • a multi-level terminal with a floor area of up to 90,000 square metres;
  • drainage and utilities;
  • car-parking facilities for around 11,500 cars; and
  • on-site roads.

The successful party will need to meet the environmental, safety, and security requirements under the Airport Plan, Environmental Impact Statement, functional specifications, and international obligations.