WSA Co procurement approach

Western Sydney Airport is one of the largest civil engineering projects underway in Australia. Construction will commence in the second half of 2018 and the airport will open in 2026. The Stage 1 airport will have a single 3.7 kilometre runway and facilities to cater for up to 10 million annual passengers. It will be a full-service airport offering domestic, international and freight services.

WSA Co's procurement approach has been developed in line with its objectives, which are:

  • improving access to aviation services in Western Sydney
  • resolving the long-term aviation capacity issue in the Sydney basin
  • maximising the value of a Western Sydney Airport as a national asset
  • optimising the benefit of Western Sydney Airport on employment and investment in Western Sydney
  • effectively integrating with new and existing initiatives in the Western Sydney area

WSA Co's procurement approach includes:

  • assigning risks to parties that are best capable of managing the risks
  • packaging the works to commence bulk earthworks as soon as practicable
  • defining interfaces between the various works packages clearly
  • undertaking Enabling Activities to facilitate the Main Airport Works packages
  • ensuring the works are fully integrated prior to operational readiness testing providing opportunities for innovation and sustainable outcomes within each package and consistent with the Environmental Impact Statement and Airport Plan
  • mechanisms for achieving appropriate urban design, amenity outcomes, sustainability objectives and seamless integration with other transport modes

The first package of the main airport works will involve the design and construction of the following work elements:

  • Site clearance
  • Topsoil management
  • Bulk earthworks in preparation for handover to other Main Airport Works packages
  • Trunk and cross drainage
  • Detention basins and water quality treatment facilities
  • Provisioning for airside services and utilities, including potable water, recycled water, sewage, waste disposal, electricity supply, gas, communications and aviation services
  • Pavements for the northern runway, taxiways and aprons
  • Airside perimeter and emergency roads
  • Airside grassing and fencing
  • Temporary works including access arrangements for other works packages