Enabling activities

Enabling activities are the physical activities to be undertaken at the site, primarily before the main airport works construction program begins. While the scope of the enabling activities is still to be finalised, preliminary planning has identified six potential packages of work, each with a separate tendering process and delivery timeframe.

  • Geotechnical investigations and bedrock analysis including over 100 additional boreholes in the runway and taxiway areas.
  • Land survey (including cadastral surveying to map the site and feature surveys), services locations and aerial photography.
  • A 12-month program of air and noise monitoring both before and during construction works.
  • Site decontamination work to identify, and correctly manage any contaminated materials before major works begin.
  • Relocation of a 330-kilovolt high-voltage TransGrid transmission line from overhead to an underground cable route.
  • Initial bulk earthworks to move approximately 1 million cubic metres of soil, and potential stockpiling for on-site fill materials.

WSA Co will hold an industry information session on Tuesday 5 December to provide further detail on the upcoming WSA works.

Registration for the event is now open and qualified service providers are invited to attend.